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There are many internet TV boxes available to stream TV to your TV.


In conjunction with an antenna, if you have a broadband internet connection, you can get even more programming directly on your TV with an Internet TV Box like the RoKu Box, Boxee box, GoogleTV box and Apple TV box. Many new Blu Ray DVD players, Wii Boxes, X-Boxes and even TV's have internet boxes built into them. We like the top rated RoKu Box and we love the GoogleTV box. With an $8 a month NetFlix or Hulu subscription you will have more TV shows and movies than you can watch. The worst thing is deciding what you want to watch. These boxes also receive many other internet channels and even some will do YouTube. Or, if you enjoy computers, you can connect your laptop or a desktop to your TV for an awesome "cable box". You will be surprised what TV programming you can stream off the net nowadays. We've made it easy for you. Click on one of the IPTV boxes below and "Internet TV" tab above for more information on internet TV. The RoKu box has over 600 channels and 100 private TV channels and you can even Jail Break an Apple TV for more TV than you can watch.


What is internet TV?

Internet TV is what its name implies, watching TV streaming from the internet by way of an internet TV box or Smart TV that allows the streaming TV to be viewed on your regular HDTV-TV.  IPTV (internet protocol television) TV programming is delivered via a broadband connection. Which is probably the future of  television as bandwidth increases.  Internet TV is catching on but, somewhat  in its infancy,  so it may take some getting used to.  The college crowd is already up on watching TV on-line. TV is more on-demand with internet TV.  You watch the shows, movies when you want, you don't have to watch what's on now. The hard thing is deciding what you want to watch, TV's shows or movies. Most networks and cable channels have their shows available to stream, (check the channel's website), albeit it may not be the current program airing now they may soon stream after a lag period. Most network TV shows are streamed very shortly after they air, if not the next day. For instance, if you like cable TV shows like The National Geographic Channel, HGTV, Sifi etc., they stream many of their shows now,  as do the major TV networks.  So, you really aren't missing anything, just viewing it a bit later than air time. 

How can I get Internet TV?


        Google TV                                                         Roku                                                               Apple TV

To receive and view streaming internet TV on your regular TV or HDTV, you will need a broadband internet connection of at least 3.0 Mbps or above, higher is better, no dial up here. It is also desirable to have a wireless router for your internet connection, as these internet boxes work via your wireless connection. This makes it very easy because you don't have to run any wires from your router to the internet box next to your TV.    Top rated RoKu ( HD box will run about $49 to $99 for HD box. Many devices have built in internet TV like Blu-Ray DVD players, Wii-Game Boxes, X-Box 360, PS3 and even many newer SMART TV's have internet TV and apps built in so you may already have one. Our favorite for full internet TV is GoogleTV box by sony or built into a TV, ( & Apple TV ( but your stuck with I-Tunes, and limited content for now, but Apple TV is investing in Apple TV so it will soon be much better and may be a leader when they add select cable channels and ESPN, we hear if approved. Plus you can Jail Break your Apple TV for tons of free TV. These new boxes are how NetFlix ( movies and more to your home TV. You can also stream NetFlix, Hulu Plus or others to a computer or laptop when away from home for only $8 a month and connect the PC to your TV. You can use a laptop to stream internet TV to your HDTV via an HDMI or other cable if equipped. If you're a real videophile, you can add a dedicated computer next to your HDTV via an HDMI, DVI or other cable. You'll have a big computer monitor for surfing the net from the sofa or easy chair, don't forget the wireless mouse/keyboard. This site sums up boxes: Since each set top box streams different channels this sites spreadsheet has detailed information to help you compare the different internet boxes side by side and what each box can do for you: Internet Boxes SpreadSheet. 

New Device that is great for streaming TV to your HDTV from your laptop or wireless device...

I love itChromecast.  Throws or casts Google Chrome Browser to your TV's HDMI port.     * 

What Can I Watch With Internet TV?  Most anything you had on Cable or Satellite.

Don't forget you will have FREE antenna TV with live network programming.

Below are some of the many channels available from the channel store on the #1 rated RoKu Box, Similar channels are available on the other brand boxes.  Netflix  and Hulu have thousands of movies and TV shows to stream. Click on the channel to discover more. Most internet TV channels are FREE but ad supported. Some channels may charge a small monthly/yearly fee, you will have to determine if it is worth it for that channel or not, NetFlix is! Try Hulu out on your computer to see what it's all about watch some TV shows for Free.There are many more sites for TV and Movies. YouTube is also a must.

                  The Roku Box has Over 700 Channels, Click to See Them All....Wow!

                    Plus there are over 100 Private Channels on the Roku, Click to See!

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